September 2022


Official Name. People's Republic of Bangladesh.

Form of Government. Parliamentary Form of Government. 

Head of State. President.

Head of GovernmentPrime Minister.

Geographical Location. In South Asia: between 20 degree 34 and 26 degree 38 North Latitude and between 88 degree 01 and 92 degree 41 East Longitude Consists of mostly flat fertile alluvial land.

 Boundaries. North India (West Bengal & Meghalaya), West: India (West Bengal), East: India, (Tripura & Assam) and Myanmar, South: Bay of Bengal.

Area. 147,570 sq km (56,977 sq miles) (Territorial water- 12 nautical miles).

Capital City. Dhaka (Metropolitan Area 522 sq. kms).

Standard Time. GMT +6 hours.

Climate. Tropical; Mild Winter (October to March); Hot, Humid Summer (March to June); Humid- Warm Rainy Monsoon (June to October).

Rainfall. 1194 mm to 3454 mm (June- August).

Population. 159.9 million (2015-16 Projected).

Land boundaries. Total: 4,246 km (border countries: Myanmar 193 km, India 4,053 km).

Highest peak. Saka Haphong (Thanchi, Bandarban) 2,564m.

Language. 95% Bengali, 5% other dialects. English is widely understood and spoken.

Religion. Muslim (88.3%), Hindu (10.5%), Buddhist (0.6%), Christian (0.3%) and Animists and believers in tribal faiths (0.3%).

Food. Rice, bread, fruits, vegetables, pulses, fish, meat and potato.

Principal Industries. Jute, Tea, Textiles, Ready Made Garments (RMG), Paper, Newsprint, Fertilizer, Leather and Leather Goods, Sugar, Cement, Fish processing, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Industries, Plastic and Ceramics.

Traditional Export Goods. Raw Jute, Jute Goods, Tea, Leather, and Leather Products etc.

Non-traditional Exports. Ready-made garments, Knitwear, Frozen Shrimps, Other Fish products, Jute Carpet, Shoes and other leather goods, Newsprint, Paper, Naphtha, Furnace Oil, Urea, Fruits & Vegetables, Cut Flower, Handicrafts, Jewelries.

International Airports. Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, Shah Amanat International Airport, Chittagong and Osmani International Airport, Sylhet.

Sea Ports. Chattogram, Mongla and Payra.

Land Ports Benapol, Teknaf, Banglabandha, Sonamasjid, Hili, Darshana, Birol, Burimari, Tamabil, Haluaghat, Akhaura, Bibirbazar and Bhomra.

Communications. Railways: 2,877 km, Roadways: total: 21,302 km, Waterways: 24,000 km (Navigable 5968).