September 2022


Indo-Pacific Armies Management Seminar (IPAMS) is the largest land forces seminar and preeminent engagement in the Indo-Pacific region. IPAMS is a multinational defense forum for senior- level (lieutenant colonel to major general, or national equivalent) officers from Indo-Pacific regional ground forces and security services to exchange views, ideas, develop strong interpersonal relationships between leaders of regional land forces, discuss professional military subjects and strengthen existing bonds.

Indo-Pacific Armies Management Seminar (IPAMS) is conducted basing on definite theme for each seminar. The first IPAMS was held in Honolulu in 1978 with the participation of 09 countries. Till 42nd seminar held in 2018 it was named as Pacific Armies Management Seminar (PAMS). From 43rd it was renamed as Indo-Pacific Armies Management Seminar (IPAMS). So far 45 PAMS/IPAMS were held in various countries.  BD Army co-hosted PAMS in 1993 and 2014. BD Army will also co-host the 46th IPAMS from 12-15 September 2022. 

Indo-Pacific Armies Management Seminar (IPAMS) - 46 will also showcase the cultural heritage of Bangladesh along with traditional cultural programs. It will also offer the opportunity for the participants to explore the longest natural sea beach of the world ‘Cox's Bazar Sea Beach”.